Thousands of years ago a content was split into shards by a great surge of power, or at least so the history books say. Follow that with a few thousand years of racial wars only ended by a necessity for unity due to the onslaught of the Orcish Domion, who remain have since been virtually wiped out. Now tales of a new threat appears, the clan of the Furantur, no one knows much about them but you can bet they know about you. Don't trust anyone, you don't know who they are…

Things To Know About The World

Each city (if big enough) has some sort of leader, usually a lord, and each continent has a king or kings if they have multiple races, for example Dryadalum (where you are) has three kings, the king of the mountains, king of the forest, king of the grassland. All these lords obey their king in their land and their king must obey the emperor. Who lives in a keep on an island and rules the whole world, he was elected by all the kings. 

The Rise of The Furantur

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