The Rise of The Furantur

The Rise of the Furantur
The Story

The begun in a village in the South of Dryadalum named Thimaer. They were on their way to Orethil for seperate reasons, but were refrained from doing so due to a group of bandits guarding the road. They killed some giant crabs on the beach disturbing the village and then headed to try find the bandits. Before they left, they bought a beautiful, black cart from a dwarf looking to settle as a black smith, his name was Jorri. They found them in a cave within a forest beside the road and cleared the place out. There they found a widowed farmer in a secret room who shared a few moments with the lumbering Torg. On the way back they fought some Goblins who just attacked a farm. The party visited the farm and found a basement with a strange looking pale elf who couldn't see. They spoke with him and agreed to help liberate his race from evil reign. The group then returned to Thimaer and recieved a job from the alchemist Alexander Larsson to retrieve a glowing plant from a cave north-east of the village. They followed the river up and eventually reached the cave after encountering a couple of gill monkeys. In the cave Torg begun hearing a voice in his head, which turned out to be the inhabitant of the cave and future party member the dragonborn, Azriel. The party then followed the river back but decided to follow a different stream in order to find the source of a child's body the found. There they encountered a drunk human man and his son. They soon found out that he had murdered the boy who was his other son. They killed the two of them and found his wife in the basement who then attempted to kill herself and was eventually "put out of her missary" by Marchosias which caused a rift in the party. They then returned to Thimaer and then made their way to Orethil after some words with the head of the guards in the village, who asked them to deliver a letter to a man in Orethil requesting more support to guard the village. They then made their way to Orethil where they split up. Torg went to visit the greenhouse, Marchosias went to study at the temple and Malok went to the fighting district. The party are getting an odd sense about this city…


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